Sunday, December 13, 2009

LA Times: "Houston Picks Conservative Annise Parker As Mayor, First Lesbian To Head A Major American City"

I suspect that we will see many more stories like this in the post-Obama age.  Despite the MSM's incessant attempts to portray it otherwise, it's never really been a contradiction in terms to be both gay and conservative - fiscal or otherwise:

"In a light turnout and a relatively close runoff, she defeated local attorney Gene Locke with about 53% of the vote with not quite all ballots in.

Parker becomes the second woman to become mayor of Houston and the first lesbian to head a major American city. Houston is the fourth largest U.S. city.

Parker neither proclaimed nor sought to hide her sexual orientation and ran on a platform of firm fiscal conservatism and her long experience in urban financial matters." [Emphasis added].

Read it all here.

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