Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Left Hand Doesn't Know What The FAR Left Hand Is Doing (UPDATED)

Surprising? Or no?:

"Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin admitted Friday that he is "in the dark" about the national health care bill currently under construction by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In an exchange on the Senate floor, Republican Sen. John McCain asked Durbin, "Should we not at least be informed as to what the proposal is that the Senate Majority Leader is going to propose to the entire Senate?" Durbin's answer: "I would say to the senator from Arizona that I am in the dark almost as much as he is, and I am in the leadership." Durbin explained that during a Democratic caucus, Reid and the small group of senators involved in crafting the bill turned to their fellow Democrats and "basically stood and said, 'We are sorry, we can't tell you in detail what was involved.'"

Whoa!  How does that work?  How is that good for democracy?  How is that good for America?  How is that good for Democrats?  We are not in good hands.

Read it all here.

UPDATE: More here from  Dana Perino (via Contentions):

"Last Wednesday, December 9, 2009, was the day Sen. Harry Reid donned a black leather vest, slicked back his hair and went water skiing to jump the healthcare reform shark.

For a day or two, thanks to complicit journalists, it looked like he cleared the jump and was a Democratic hero. Headlines cheered, "There's a deal, there's momentum, and the Senate will be going home for Christmas having passed healthcare reform. Let us rejoice!"

Perhaps the reporters should be given a pass for letting the moment carry them away. They've been working every weekend covering Sen. Reid's mad-dash to get the bill done before the holiday and, I am sure they just want the whole thing to be finished. So what if there were no details? So what if no one had any sources - even anonymous ones - that could shed light on what's been discussed behind closed doors during what was supposed to be a new era of openness and transparency? They just want to go home!

Not so fast, sunshine."

Heh.  Be sure to read it all.

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