Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gee, You Think: New York Times Wonders Whether The Democrats "Misjudged The Electorate"

Now this is funny:

"When Mr. Obama was inaugurated one year ago this week, he and his party had big majorities in the Senate and House, enjoyed the backing of much of the country and were confidently preparing to enact an ambitious legislative agenda. Republicans seemed directionless and the conservative movement exhausted.

This weekend, Democrats are struggling to hang on to a seat held by Mr. Kennedy for 46 years in one of the most enthusiastically Democratic states in the country. Conservatives are enjoying a grass-roots resurgence, and Republicans are talking about taking back the House in November."

Doesn't take much to make them sit up and pay attention, now does it?  Oh those Democrats and their media cohorts . . . they are such dear, precious servants of the people.

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