Saturday, January 16, 2010

Charlie Cook Roasts Obama - Focus On Healthcare A "Colossal Miscalculation"

This, from one of the country's best political pundits, is going to leave a mark - or maybe more like a deep wound:

"Honorable and intelligent people can disagree over the substance and details of what President Obama and congressional Democrats are trying to do on health care reform and climate change. But nearly a year after Obama's inauguration, judging by where the Democrats stand today, it's clear that they have made a colossal miscalculation.

The latest unemployment and housing numbers underscore the folly of their decision to pay so much attention to health care and climate change instead of focusing on the economy "like a laser beam," as President Clinton pledged to do during his 1992 campaign. Although no one can fairly accuse Obama and his party's leaders of ignoring the economy, they certainly haven't focused on it like a laser beam."

The conventional wisdom seems to be that the Democrats cannot recover from this colossal miscalculation in time for the November elections - even the establishment political class has begun to realize it.

Hey, can you tell me again why it was a good idea to elect a totally inexperienced, self-absorbed, Chicago (thug-style) politician to the Presidency - just about five minutes after launching his career?

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