Monday, January 11, 2010

Facing Political Reality . . .

Democrat acknowledges that they may lose the House:

"U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, Oklahoma's only Democrat in Congress, predicts his party will lose seats in elections later this year.

While such a statement falls in the category of conventional wisdom that historically has the party in power losing congressional seats in mid-term elections, Boren parts company with others within his own party by suggesting such a setback would be a "good thing for Oklahoma and for me.''

"If we have a tight majority one way or another, that puts me in the driver's seat,'' the three-term lawmaker said.

"In the 112th (Congress), I probably will have the most influence I have ever had, no matter who has the majority.''

Describing a Republican takeover of the House as a "tall order'' for the GOP, Boren said his party, even if it retains the majority in a new Congress that convenes in 2011, will be forced back toward the center politically."

Count Boren among the few Democrat realists remaining in Congress.

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