Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Hope That ObamaCare Covers Whiplash . . .

Is Medicare expansion now out? Is Lieberman now all in?  Who knows?  Reid is desperately trying anything and everything to cut a deal - any deal that he can call "healthcare reform - even it it just means supplying a free bandage to every America.  The WSJ has details this morning:

"Senate Democrats signaled their intention Monday to back away from a plan to expand Medicare, in a bid to break a deepening impasse on the health-overhaul bill.

The move came at an evening caucus convened just off the Senate floor, where Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and other party leaders made clear they wanted to head off a widening dispute pitting centrists against liberals over a proposal that would open Medicare to people below the age of 65.
"Democrats aren't going to let the American people down," Mr. Reid said. "We all stand shoulder to shoulder."

Sen. Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) added there was a "general consensus" among Democrats to end the deadlock on legislation that would extend coverage to tens of millions of Americans, even without the Medicare expansion."

The question remains about whether Pelosi will try to have the House pass whatever monstrosity the Senate cobbles together in order to by-pass a conference committee compromise (the so-called "ping-pong" option).

More here.

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