Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is A Good Sign For The GOP: Lesson Learned?

"One immediate fallout of the NY-23 experience: the Republican Senate Campaign Committee is bugging out of any contested primaries. ABC News reports:
“We will not spend money in a contested primary,” Sen. John Cornyn, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told ABC News in a telephone interview today. “There’s no incentive for us to weigh in,” said Cornyn, R-Texas. “We have to look at our resources. . . . We’re not going to throw money into a [primary] race leading up to the election.” Cornyn said his pledge extends to races for open Senate seats — not incumbents who may face primaries next year. The NRSC so far has endorsed candidates in four open Senate seats — Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.
The biggest loser: Charlie Crist."  Read it all here.

Last night held many lessons for the professional pols.  Most were delivered to the Democrats, but one was most definitely sent to the Republicans.  It looks like the GOP is now listening. Are the Democrats?

UPDATE: Apparently not:
"Undeterred by Republican election triumphs in Virginia and New Jersey, Democratic leaders put the U.S. House on a path to vote as early as Saturday on the most sweeping overhaul of health-care policy in four decades. The election of Republican governors in New Jersey and Virginia won’t affect how the House proceeds on legislation to extend insurance to 36 million people and create a government- run program to compete with private insurers, lawmakers said."

Disregard the will of the people at your political peril come 2010.

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