Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Richard Cohen Asks: "Does Anyone Know Barack Obama?"

Things are not looking up for Obama.  Supporter Richard Cohen, for the second time in recent days, has come to recognize (while watching an up-coming HBO documentary) that there is something strangely amiss:

"What's striking about this inside look at Obama is how being inside gets you nowhere. It is virtually the same as being outside. What's also striking about this movie is its lack of arc. Obama is always golden, always going to win and always does. His issue, if it can be called that, is himself."

You mean, it's all about "him"?  Shocking.

Then Cohen - perhaps unconsciously - highlights the vast difference between an Obama and a Reagan:

"But if he fails in all or most of that, it will be because it is not enough to be the smartest person in the room. Warmth and commitment matter, too -- a driving sense of conviction, the fulsome embrace of causes and not just issues. That is not something Obama has yet shown. See the movie."

That "something" was the very thing Reagan had and what made him such a successful president.  It remains to be seen whether Obama has it in him to replicate the Reagan model.

Read it all here.

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