Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shelby Steele On Obama: An Historic Figure Who Is "Working Backwards"

Shelby Steele has some profound insights on ""Barack the Good":

"The old fashioned, big government liberalism that Mr. Obama uses to make himself history-making also alienates him in the center-right America of today. It makes him the most divisive president in memory—a president who elicits narcissistic identification on the one hand and an enraged tea party movement on the other. His health-care victory has renewed his narcissistic charge for the moment, but if he continues to be a 1965 liberal it will become more and more impossible for Americans to see themselves in him."

And his conclusion is fascinating:

"Many presidents have been historically significant in retrospect, but Mr. Obama had historic significance on his inauguration day. His inauguration told a transcendent American story. Other presidents work forward into their legacy. Mr. Obama is working backwards into his."

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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