Friday, March 19, 2010

And They Made Fun Of Dan Quayle

"Genius" President Obama can't even spell Syracuse.  I am waiting for the jokes to commence.  Hmmm, silence.  I wonder why:

"I imagine he'd know how to spell it if there were a Congressman from the area he needed to shake down. Nearly 20 years after the fact we still hear lame Dan Quayle jokes, yet this boob can't even spell the name of a major university. ESPN helpfully covers up the error fir him.

The ABC story on Obama's basketball picks consisted of highlights from corporate cousin ESPN's session with Obama as he filled out a big bracket chart, and World News included Obama's spelling challenge. “Should be an R in there,” ESPN's Andy Katz corrected Obama upon spotting how the President had misspelled “Syracuse” as “Sycacuse.”

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