Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dorothy Rabinowitz Unloads On Sarah Palin

And it ain't pretty:

"Mrs. Palin regularly invokes the name of the most revered of her heroes, Ronald Reagan—among the sunniest stars ever to mount the political stage, and a leader who spoke to all of America. He did not appeal to the aggrieved. Nor did he see in the oratory of grievance, or talk of real Americans and those who were not, a political platform.

Mrs. Palin would do well to look to his model, between study of those daily policy briefings. Her supporters will have to wait a while. At a time when Republican hopes are in the ascendancy, as now (and even when they are not), it's impossible to imagine the Sarah Palin known to the world today as their leader. It would be well for her to begin pondering the reasons."

She's certainly no Ronald Reagan - but than again, no one is except the Gipper himself.  But is this the beginning of the end for Sarah's adulation?

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  1. "But is this the beginning of the end for Sarah's adulation?"

    That's an interesting question-- and I'm not going to predict the answer although my gut says no.

    I can't help but think that this is connected to CPAC and the Mount Vernon Statement, et al. As people try to cram varied sources of dissatisfaction w/ Obama and the Dems into a defined political platform (and force it into alignment w/ Repub. career politicians), people get lost, or exposed, or forgotten in the shuffle. I wonder if Palin might be one of those people.

    Side note... it was this shuffle within the Dems that produced Obama as a viable candidate-- even though he was without experience, accomplishment, moderate tendencies etc. I wonder of the Repubs are going to shoot themselves in the foot and have some right-side Obama-equivalent rise up.