Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Scott Brown / Martha Coakley Morning Post

Kudos to Professor Jacobson, who hits it on the nail once again:

"The Democratic primary may have produced the single worst possible candidate for a hotly contested statewide election in this environment.

Coakley slept through December, has an arrogant attitude of entitlement which must put off voters, is mired in the past with her Bush-Cheney Derangement Syndrome, and doesn't seem to understand that the voters are pissed off at the political establishment of which she is a part. The optics of Coakley going to D.C. tonight for a lobbyist fundraiser are horrible.

Scott Brown is a great campaigner. Martha Coakley is a horrible campaigner. The stars may be in alignment."

Is the threatented "political tsunami" starting here, starting now?

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