Friday, January 1, 2010

This No Time To Get Cocky . . .

. . . . but, Charlie Cook has some important observations for Democrats in 2010 (via Don Surber):

"Charlie Cook and his Cook Report are pretty straight-forward on the congressional races. On MSNBC recently (the transcript just became available) Cook told Chris Matthews a few things that Matthews might not have wanted to hear.

MATTHEWS: Can a Republican lose this year coming up? Can a Republican incumbent lose any race anywhere next year?

COOK: I would not be surprised to see no Republican incumbent, House or Senate, lose.

I will grant you that House incumbents enjoy 98% re-election rates, but the Senate has been known to lose majority leaders. This year may be no exception. Cook listed Christopher Dodd as the most vulnerable senator, followed by Harry Reid."

No Republican lose?  Hmmm, I thought this was supposed be be an anti-incumbent election.  Maybe not so much.

When Charlie Cook sneezes, politicians catch cold.  Right about now, I'd say that the Democrats are coming down with something more like pneumonia.

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