Thursday, January 28, 2010


Good summary by Jennifer Rubin:

"If the purpose of the speech was to pivot to the center, then he did not accomplish his aim. His laundry list of goverment programs and his double-down statement on healthcare, albeit weak on detail and vauge on timing, do not evidence any concern that his problem has been substantive. Indeed, he says his greatest failing was a communications problem.

But what is most striking was the lack of attention and serious expression on foreign policy and national security. We are at war. We have been attacked. And he gives a remarkably cursory few graphs at the end of a very long speech, practically ignoring the looming Iranian threat. But this is who Obama is and has always been: a statist liberal who cares not so much about foreign policy, only grudingly devoting time and resources when it invades his day. For those perpetually hoping for a different president than the one we have had for a year, they must be disappointed indeed."

I wasn't so hoping.  Just keep doing what you are doing, Mr. President.  Failure becomes you.

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