Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Obama: Please, Please Listen To The New York Times . . .

. . .  and pass the healthcare "reform" bill:

"It would be a terrible mistake for Democrats to abandon comprehensive health care reform just because voters in the Massachusetts Senate race last week decided that they liked the Republican, Scott Brown, more than the Democrat, Martha Coakley."

Yeah, that's it.  They liked the Republican more.  Not his positions - such as being the 41st vote against the Senate's current version of the healthcare bill.

There's more:

"There is no question that without a filibuster-proof majority it will be a lot harder to pass a bill. But it should not be impossible if Congressional Democrats and the White House show courage and creativity. Health care reform is too important to throw away, and it is not too late to persuade voters that it is in their interest.

Dumb voters - they just don't know that this bill is "in their interest."  Gotta educate those right-wing, gun-toting, bitter-clingers.

"If the Democrats quit now, so close to the goal line, the opportunity for large-scale reform could be lost for years. Meanwhile, the number of uninsured, currently more than 46 million, will keep going up and the cost of health care will continue to soar."

Well, maybe the people just don't buy that argument - but I guess that doesn't really matter.

"Democrats should take another look at what really happened in Massachusetts and then summon the nerve to enact comprehensive reform. They must make clear to voters that they have little to fear. Even the mandate requiring everyone to buy insurance doesn’t kick in until 2014. And they must make clear that reform offers immediate gains, especially for middle-class Americans."

Yes, please do take another look.  You might be surprised to learn what your constituents believe and want from their government (even in Massachusetts!)

"This is a once-in-a-generation chance. President Obama must explain to the American people why reform is essential to their health and security and this nation’s future. And he must insist that Congress finish the job."

Stupid, stupid voters.

Come on, Mr. President, take this advice and get the bill passed now.  Then, just sit back and wait for November to reap your political rewards.  This should be fun.

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