Friday, January 8, 2010

Late, But Welcomed

McCain comes out swinging against the administration:

"John McCain has run against Barack Obama before.

He's running against him again.

With campaign radio ads billing the five-term Republican senator as "Arizona's last line of defense,'' the GOP's nominee for president in 2008 is attempting to bolster his 2010 campaign for reelection to the Senate with a slam at the president.

"President Obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt America,'' McCain says in one of the radio ads his campaign is airing. 

"I stand in his way every day,'' McCain says. "If I get a bruise or two knocking some sense into heads in Washington, so be it.''

If only you would have come out stronger against Obama in 2008 . . . .  sigh. The story is here.

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