Sunday, January 24, 2010

If This Is NOT Photoshopped, We Are In SERIOUS Trouble (UPDATED)

(h/t Legal Insurrection).  OMG.  Obama needs Teleprompters to talk to kids??  Can anyone prove to me that this is photoshopped?  Please?  I really do want (need) to believe that it was photoshopped!  More herehere and here.

UPDATE: From the comments at Legal Insurrection, this may have been a statement to the press at the same location where he spoke to the kids.  Still . . . Barry can't be trusted for five minutes without relying on this crutch??  And they said that Bush couldn't speak!

CONFIRMED: (h/t HotAir): No, he didn't use a Teleprompter to talk to the kids.  But he loses points for allowing the above picture to circulate without making that clear.  He looks ridiculous.

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