Thursday, January 14, 2010

Geraghty: "The Travails Of Martha Coakley"

Great read this morning from NRO's Campaign Spot:

"Presumably Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney general aiming to be that state’s next U.S. senator, has more political skill than she’s demonstrated in recent days. She must be on a spectacularly ill-timed run of bad luck and rookie mistakes.

As Republican Scott Brown has roared from unknown to potential upset winner, Coakley came under fire for having her campaign largely go dark for weeks after the primary, but there was a certain logic to keeping a low profile during the holiday season; voters’ minds are elsewhere. What’s worse is what happened once the holidays ended.

For starters, it was tough to determine when the campaign was officially “awake.” A week ago, the Boston Globe’s Brian McGrory complained that Coakley “isn’t doing anything in public — no meetings with voters, no debates, no public appearances. For all we know, she’s spending much of her time at home with the shades drawn waiting for Jan. 19, Election Day, to come and go.” (Then again, when running for attorney general, she refused to do any debates.)

When asked, during an interview, about her foreign-policy experience, she cited visiting her sister overseas."

No doubt that she can see her sister's house from Boston!

Read the whole thing.

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