Wednesday, January 20, 2010

George W. Bush: Visionary

(h/t Wizbang): This is an amazing post.  Money quotes:

"George W. Bush seemed to have an almost mystical understanding of what the American people needed when we needed it most. He reminded all of us of why we should be proud to be Americans at a time when there was a whisper that we brought the Sept. 11 attacks upon ourselves for promoting democracy abroad.  President Bush deserves our respect, not our betrayal."

"As Obama continues to make decisions that mirror the Bush doctrine, it is becoming apparent that the former president was not ignorant or irrational in his foreign policy decisions despite the harsh criticism and disloyalty he endured. He was in fact, ahead of his time, a visionary who understood politics and warfare in the modern age of terrorism."

Read the whole thing.  After last night's stunning rebuke of the Democrat majority, it's even more sweet to savor.

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