Sunday, January 24, 2010

Down, Down, Down

Gallup at 47% in the wake of Brown-mentum:

"Gallup has its first daily tracking poll on presidential job approval where all three days of polling falls after the Massachusetts special election that stripped Obama of his Senate supermajority. For the first time, Gallup has both approval and disapproval among adults at the same level, 47%. Furthermore, it appears that Obama lost significant ground among adults after the election, which led to the tie . . .

If Obama has started to lose the passion of his base, he’s in deep trouble. That may have more to do with the failure to push for the public option in ObamaCare, but it also gives a big indication of potential voter ennui in the midterms. It’s no small wonder that Obama has brought David Plouffe back into the White House political machine to rescue his floundering presidency."

The Audacity of Joke.  The wave continues to build.

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