Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Does Obama 'Get' The Terror War?"

So asks Bill Murchison.  Short answer - No:

"The craving to crawl all over the Obama administration for missteps on the terrorism front is partly backlash against the Democratic craving to crawl all over the Bush administration for every misfortune since the plagues of Egypt.

"Partly," all the same, is partial. There's more. The Obama administration -- starting at the top and working down -- doesn't "get" the terror war the same way, I venture to say, as the majority of Americans do. That's even if you dissent from former Vice President Cheney's declaration last week that President Obama merely "pretends" we are at war."

His conclusion:

"Clearly the Obamans don't like fighting whatever they see themselves as fighting. I offer an educated guess: Most Americans -- including a large portion of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 -- don't like fighting such a war, either. Nevertheless, they understand that when someone wants to kill you, the indicated response is to fight back with everything you have.

We have to hope the president will finally join the citizens in that basic and common-sensible understanding.

On the existing evidence, he has a ways to travel."

Let's hope that he's now traveling with the new security procedures in place.

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