Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe? The Quickly Shifting Sands Of The Afghan War "Strategy"

The New York Times reports that the Afghan mission could last a long-time, contradicting earlier reports, which had contradicted earlier reports, which  . . . oh, never mind:

"The Obama administration sent a forceful public message Sunday that American military forces could remain in Afghanistan for a long time, seeking to blunt criticism that President Obama had sent the wrong signal in his war-strategy speech last week by projecting July 2011 as the start of a withdrawal.

In a flurry of coordinated television interviews by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other top administration officials, they said that any troop pullout beginning in July 2011 would be slow and that the Americans would only then be starting to transfer security responsibilities to Afghan forces under Mr. Obama’s new plan.

The television appearances by the senior members of Mr. Obama’s war council appeared to be part of a focused and determined effort to ease concerns about the president’s emphasis on setting a date for reducing America’s presence in Afghanistan after more than eight years of war."

Not sure what this all means, except that we ought to stay tuned.  We sure are getting lots of change from Obama.  I'm not sure that I see any hope, though.

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