Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Should Be So Lucky . . .

The New York Times informs us this morning that Congress is fast running out of legislative time for 2009 and will have to delay tough decisions into the 2010 election year - a rather tricky business for this do-nothing majority:

"Faced with a shortage of time and an abundance of disagreement, Congressional Democrats are pushing fights over an increase in the federal debt limit and several other tough issues into 2010.

House Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they would try to conclude their business for the year on Wednesday by sending to the floor a must-pass $626 billion Pentagon spending measure, a stopgap two-month increase in the government’s borrowing power and a provision to provide two more months of unemployment pay and health coverage for jobless Americans.

The House is also expected to consider and pass a $150 billion Democratic effort to create jobs and provide financial assistance to states and localities. That measure would not be considered in the Senate until sometime next year.

Congressional Democrats reversed themselves on a plan to win approval of a more substantial increase in the debt ceiling because of resistance from about a dozen Senate Democrats who do not want to take that step without some commitment that Congress would take concrete action to control the spreading red ink."

Maybe they should just cut some taxes before leaving?  That would help to change the business and investment climate so that a real and sustained economic recovery can finally take hold.  Nah.  That would just make too much sense.

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