Friday, December 18, 2009

Uh Oh: Nader Utters Racist Comment About Obama

From Don Surber:

"Benjamin Sarlin at the Daily Beast interviewed Nader, who is doing an I-told-you-so on health care, somehow blaming the rejection of Obamacare by the vatst majority of Americans on President Obama. Said Nader: “This is what I meant a year ago when I said the next year will determine whether Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom groveling before the demands of the corporations that are running our country or he’ll be an Uncle Sam standing up for the American people.”

No good can come from this.  It looks like the wing nuts on the left have totally lost it.  In just 11 short months, Obama has managed to alienate the right, the center and the left.  And Europe, India, China and Russia aren't all that pleased either.  Who's next?

Wait . . .  do I hear the sound of angels crying?

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