Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama's Terror Disengagement

Jennifer Rubin has some keen observations about Obama's failures to date to tackle head-on the issue of terrorism:

"When Obama was elected and he appointed his national-security team, some conservatives hoped he would have no choice but to bend to reality and accept the responsibility that goes with defending the United States in a global war against religious fanatics. He’ll have no choice, we were told. He can’t allow an attack on the American homeland or he’ll be discredited. No president can ignore his obligation to protect Americans. Remember all that? Well, after nearly a full year, the Obama administration has not bent to reality and we have been attacked three times on American soil."

Her conclusion:

"At some point — and perhaps we have reached it – the American people will recognize that the Obami team is engaged in an entirely misguided and dangerous approach to the war on Islamic terror, starting with its refusal to recognize it as a war and to recognize that is is based on fundamentalist Islamic ideology. If Obama persists in allowing our national security to be formulated and executed by those who believe in hamstringing our own intelligence capabilities and engaging in dangerous PR stunts to improve our image among terrorists, he does so at tremendous political risk. But that is nothing compared to the risk to Americans’ safety and security."

This was the Clinton, head-in-the-sand approach that brought us 9/11.  Bush understood the danger.  Obama has given us every indication that he does not.

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