Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obama Throwing Congress "Under The Bus"? (UPDATED)

Is this really true?  Healthcare "reform" being put off until February 2010 so that Obama can "hard pivot" towards jobs in the State of the Union Address?  If so, it sounds like a deadly strategy for those Dems who are placing large amounts of political capital on the line for a Christmas Eve vote:

"Politico’s Mike Allen and Alexander Trowbridge have some bad news for Democrats, especially in the Senate, where Harry Reid has kept the chamber locked in battle over ObamaCare for weeks in an attempt to hit the finish line by Christmas.  Barack Obama plans to put the health-care overhaul on the back burner until after the State of the Union address, pushing any conference between the House and Senate off until February.  Instead, Obama plans a “hard pivot” towards jobs and the economy."

Does this make any sense to anyone . . . except Obama?

UPDATE: This from Contentions (Jennifer Rubin):

"Harry Reid’s effort to jam this through without public scrutiny may fail spectacularly. Senators emboldened by the late-night sessions and the cloak of opaqueness have wheeled and dealed without a second thought.

Now the public can tell the lawmakers what they think, and put to the fire the feet of those supposedly “responsible” Democrats who were going to protect taxpayers (but not those with incomes less than $200,000) and the elderly (except for sucking $500B out of an already shaky Medicare system). Time has never been on the side of the Democrats and news that there will be a significant delay, if accurate, comes as a welcomed holiday gift to ObamaCare opponents."

And from Professor Jacobson:

"I'd like to believe it, but I can't help the feeling that this is disinformation put out by Rahm Emanuel to ease the pressure on Congressmen and Senators over the holiday break.

If this is true, then the Democratic Senators rushing to pass a bill by Christmas are about to jump off a political ledge without a parachute."

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