Sunday, December 6, 2009

Obama: Mr. Everything Man

(Via Instapundit):  Yes, Obama's style is to say that he's doing something for everyone - all while knocking down the lastest, phony strawman.  The story is here:

"We can win the war, but be home in 18 months. We can have health-care reform, without increasing the deficit. His fans call it Obama’s “complexity.” Lee Siegel calls it delusional.

Obama’s language is the temperamental equivalent of Tiger Woods’ libido. Both the president’s rhetoric and the golfer’s id want everything.

No, I’m not talking about some “black thing.” I’m talking about an “us” thing—about an American thing. When Obama gives a speech now, you think of people with no credit who want to buy a house with nothing down; of consumers of the news who want their information instant, accurate, and free; of the anonymous Internet hustler who promises different things to different people; of already wealthy investors who defraud their clients in order to become giddily wealthy; of champion athletes who take steroids to attain superhero status; of fame-hounds who want to hoax their way into a celebrity-life; of a certain rich and famous golfer, with a beautiful and by all accounts substantial wife, who seems to want to have sex with every woman he sees."

And this is right on target:

Obama got elected the way people used to rush out to get cortisone from their doctors once that miraculous-seeming drug became available. He was elevated by hope for an antidote to what felt like a toxic, degenerative condition. But rather than a cure for what ailed us, he more and more resembles the chronic condition itself—the contemporary American condition of wanting it all, right now, no matter the contradictions, and without having to give up anything in exchange."

Or, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan (while taking great liberties, I know): Obama is not the solution to our current problems, Obama is the problem.

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  1. Honestly, Obama doesn't seem all that mysterious to me. He simply lies an awful lot. He says whatever's politically expedient while it's mixed in with hard-Left sensibilities in his speeches, attitudes and policies.

    I think people find him difficult because so much of the hard-Left's agendas and beliefs are so totally off-the-wall and antithetical to what most Americans believe.