Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gallup: Lower Still

NRO analyzes the latest from Gallup and it ain't good:

The Bottom Falls Out: Americans Disapprove of Obama on Terrorism, Economy, Health Care, Jobs and Afghanistan

"The honeymoon is over; in fact, Americans are pretty much realizing... this is not the Barack Obama they knew.

The latest Gallup poll is full of astonishingly bad news for President Obama. This poll of adults shows majorities (or near majorities) disapproving of his performance on every issue except energy policy and global warming:
Obama Job Approval / Disapproval
Energy Policy: 49 / 35
Terrorism: 45 / 47
Global Warming: 44 / 36
The Economy: 44 / 53 (chart)
Health Care: 40 / 53 (chart)
Creating Jobs: 40 / 55
The situation in Afghanistan: 35 / 55"

Things sure have changed.  From walking on water to being under water in just 11 months.

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