Friday, December 4, 2009

Kondracke Still Wearing Rose Colored Glasses When It Comes To Obama

Mort Kondracke attempts to prop Obama up, despite rapidly falling poll numbers:

"President Barack Obama has so loaded up the policy circuits this month that you'd expect a government-wide blackout any minute.

Still, in spite of declining approval ratings for him and most of his policies, he's decided to forge ahead - on Afghanistan, health care, jobs, climate change and deficit reduction. Give him credit for courage and tenacity, even if all the details aren't right."

"Courage and tenacity"?  I'd like a glass of whatever Mort's having.  But he does end with a word of caution:

"Obama has sent so many policy ships out to sea that at least some of them should return successfully. But some could crash on the rocks - and if that includes job creation, he's in trouble."

The real trouble with "so many policy ships out to sea" is that they all seem to be springing leaks.

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