Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Not Over Yet

Ramesh Ponnuru provides your morning "optimistic jolt":

"Democrats are doing a victory lap. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says that with Senate passage of the Reid bill, “Health-care reform is now a matter of when.” The press is doing its best to convey the impression that Republicans are throwing in the towel — follow the link in the last sentence to see a good example of such reporting. Pundits have moved on to arguing what the opponents of the health legislation did wrong.

But the Democratic celebrations are premature, as Republican despair would be. This battle isn’t over, and opponents of the legislation could still win."

He observes in conclusion:

"So on the one hand Democrats gain Blue Dog votes because of the dropping of the public option, and on the other they lose votes because of abortion, public opinion, and, um, the dropping of the public option. Of course it is impossible to predict that the opposition will net the three required votes. But the possibility can’t be ruled out, either."

It may be depressing but it ain't over.

Here's your daily inspiration:

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