Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Epic Fail

The Obama administration has failed the American people.  There is no higher duty of a President than to protect American citizens from attacks, foreign and domestic.  Bush instinctively knew this and he succeeded for the seven years following the 9/11 attacks.  But Obama has failed us.  As Karl Rove said last night on Hannity, by treating the so-called "Christmas terrorist" as a criminal instead of an enemy combatant, we have lost a valuable opportunity to question him about about future attacks.  Now, he's "lawyered up" and is being treated by the system as if he knocked over a candy store.  We will live (?) to regret the Obama administration's decisions and multiple failures, before and after this terrorist act.

For an overview of where we stand and how we got here, read this by James Lewis.  A brief excerpt:

"Luck was with us on Northwest flight 243. Dumb luck.

This terror attack could easily have been averted but for the Aloha, baby! attitude of the Obumblers regarding domestic terrorism. At Fort Hood last month, a couple of cops finally brought down an Islamofascist killer after he murdered twelve soldiers and left thirty wounded on the tarmac. On Flight 243 to Detroit it happened to be an alert Dutch filmmaker who jumped the would-be bomber when his pants started to burn. But the bomb was an ingredient of Semtex, and he was trying to inject a liquid detonator that could have blown up the Airbus A 330 with 278 people on board."

His conclusion:

"That makes two serious terrorist incidents in Obama's first year in office. Both were easily preventable with commonsense security. We know the Fort Hood terrorist was protected by politically correct insanity in the U.S. military under Obama. We know that Mutallab wasn't stopped from flying, even after his father warned the U.S. that he was dangerous. This guy perfectly fits the terrorist profile in terms of age, religion, radicalism, country of origin, engineering skills, lying on his visa application, use of cash, and even reported links to Yemen.

Notice that Obama is now staying out of sight. He knows he's blown it bad twice in a row. One more, and the American people might start figuring it out, in spite of all the media efforts to cover it up. But the third time, we might be out of luck.

This is completely nuts. The big question is whether we as a nation are now too wimped out to defend ourselves. So far, the answer is yes."

More from Jennifer Rubin on the "criminal" language the President uses to describe this act of terrorism by an enemy combatant:

"Allegedly. Suspect. Charged with attempting to destroy an aircraft. Would one ever guess this is anything but a routine criminal escapade? Of course not. We have Mirandized the “suspect” who is lawyered up. We can look forward to the civilian trial — if we can be so bold as to assume there is sufficient evidence to indict him — and if convicted (after a full trial  complete with the defendant’s explanation of his “justification” for his “crime”) he will be incarcerated in a U.S. prison where he can share his views on Islamic fundamentalism with its entire population, to which he will have full access after objecting (as did Richard Reid) to any unusual restrictions on contact with fellow prisoners or with his comrades on the outside. Feel safer yet?" 

In a word: "No."

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