Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Coming Abortion Wars In The HealthCare Debate

Megan McArdle addresses the issue:

"As the Senate moves to debate the Senate health care bill, we're seeing another stream of opinion pieces that fall into the broad category of "Oh my God!  Who would have thought that a government run health care plan would make coverage decisions based on political considerations?" 

Most of them seem to come from feminists who blithely assume away concerns about the personhood of the fetus, and the staunch political opposition to subsidized abortion from those who lean towards the "person" side.  This allows them to spend 1,000 words or so having a completely irrelevant discussion of the disparate effects of the Stupak amendment on poor women, arguing that women's reproductive health care is too real health care, and similarly unrelated side points. 

Memo to authors: you could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that women's health care is important, that this has a hugely disparate impact on women, that it will result in more women carrying unplanned pregnancies to term, etc . . . and that still wouldn't make a majority of the country want to pay for other peoples' abortions out of their tax dollars."

It's hard to believe that the Democrats in Congress have intentionally opened this Pandora's box.  The end result will be messy.

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