Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Tyranny Of The Left Marches On (UPDATED)

The passage last night of the monstrous, unread healthcare bill by the House - on an extremely partisan, narrow vote of 220 to 215 - sets the stage for the ultimate showdown in the Senate.  But let's take a moment to digest this: Pelosi and her handmaidens have set in motion a monumental re-structuring of the America healthcare system and way of life by relying upon a staggering minuscule THREE vote margin (218 votes needed to pass).  That is as undemocratic, hyper-partisan, tyrannical and politically destructive as anything we have ever witnessed in this country.  And to what end? More government control, more government power, all at a staggering, unsustainable cost that will have - to put it mildly - a huge negative impact upon the America economy at the very moment when it is starting to heal. Have you no shame Ms. Pelosi?  Have you no shame President Obama?  Have you no decency at all?  And this after last Tuesday's message to Washington.

Jennifer Rubin weighs in here:

"One would think such an historic and noble action, as the Democrats have styled it, would enjoy robust support from the full spectrum of the House Democratic caucus. But in this case, only those who occupy safe seats (or think they do) can be corralled. If Pelosi gets her 218 votes, it will be unprecedented. It is fair to say that never will a piece of legislation this sweeping (and damaging) have been passed over the opposition of so much of the electorate and on the votes of such a narrow ideological slice of the governing class."

Well said.

And here are Professor Jacobson's first impressions:

"Passing the monstrous health care bill by just 5 votes in the House is a pyrrhic victory. Yes, it is a victory tonight for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, but at an enormous political price.

There will be hell to pay for Democrats who voted in favor of the Stupak amendment banning any federal funding of abortions or any use of the new health care provisions for abortion. Very, very sweeping. Hell to pay from liberal Democrats who are fuming at the internet mouth as I type.

There will be hell to pay for Democrats from red states and swing states, from Republicans, independents, and moderate Democrats. Names are being taken, and 2010 will be the most vicious political campaign any of us have seen. Ever."

I'd have to agree.

Hear this: this fight ain't over yet.  Not by a long shot.

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  1. They have passed this huge bill knowing that a majority of the people do not want it. Why is that? Do they know something we don't? Do they know, perhaps, that they don't have to fear 2012? I think they know something we don't. I'm going to hang on to my seat.

  2. Anon -- yeah, they have their pals at Acorn et al to heap them steal the 2010 elections...