Friday, November 20, 2009

Reid To Pelosi: Watch How This Is Done

"The Senate version of sweeping health legislation would cover five million fewer people than a companion bill passed by the House, but it would cost less, in part because Senate Democratic leaders felt they had to win support from fiscally conservative members of their party."

"The Senate is expected to vote Saturday on whether to take up the legislation. The majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, refused to say Thursday whether he had the 60 votes needed to clear that procedural hurdle.

While the guts of the Senate and House bills are similar, Mr. Reid came up with a new method of financing coverage, not found in any other major health bill. [1] His proposal would significantly increase the Medicare payroll tax for high-income people."

"[2] Mr. Reid’s bill would impose a tax on “Cadillac health plans” — employer-sponsored group health plans with premiums over $8,500 for individual and $23,000 for family coverage. [3] He would impose a new 5 percent tax on “elective cosmetic medical procedures.” [Emphasis added throughout].

So let's see: first, raise taxes.  Then, hmmm, let's see. Oh yeah, raise taxes.  And finally, well, I guess . . . raise taxes. That sounds like a good plan just as we start climbing out of a severe recession.  Back to school Mr. Reid.

Read it all here.

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