Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama's Asian Flop - What Did He Accomplish?

HotAir notes the growing consensus that Obama's Asian tour was a failure:

"Why did Barack Obama take a tour of Asia?  That question has begun to be asked around the world, as Obama returns home with no major initiatives launched, no diplomatic openings achieved, and nothing of consequence broached.  The Times of London takes the lead in its news section by saying that that “dream” of Obama appears to be fading:

The real problem may be Obama’s friends — or rather, those among his formerly most enthusiastic supporters who are now having second thoughts.

The doubters are suddenly stretching across a broad section of the Democratic party’s natural constituency. They include black congressional leaders upset by the sluggish economy; women and Hispanics appalled by concessions made to Republicans on healthcare; anti-war liberals depressed by the debate over troops for Afghanistan; and growing numbers of blue-collar workers who are continuing to lose their jobs and homes.

Obama’s Asian adventure perceptibly increased the murmurings of dissent when he returned to Washington last week, having failed to wring any public concessions from China on any major issue."

Is this Obama's Mission Accomplished moment?

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