Saturday, November 28, 2009

More On The Global Warming E-Mail Scandal . . . From The New York Times!

You know that the floodgates have opened up when even the New York Times presents a story like this:

"Some prominent climate scientists are calling for changes in the way research on global warming is conducted after a British university said thousands of private e-mail messages and documents had been stolen from its climate center.

The scientists say that the e-mail messages, which have circulated on the Internet and which disclose the inner workings of a small network of climatologists who chart the planet’s temperature, have damaged the public’s trust in the evidence that humans are dangerously warming the planet, just as many countries are poised to start reining in greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Judith Curry [a climate scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology] and others said that if nothing else, the e-mail correspondence suggested that climate scientists needed to show more temperance in dealing with their critics." [Emphasis added].

Yes that, and the truth shall set you free, Dr. Curry.

The days of shutting down debate on those who had the audicity to even question climate change data is now officially over.  What's next: a re-thinking on the debate about Intelligent Design?

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