Sunday, November 15, 2009

Liz Cheney: Obama's Trial Decision While Denying Our Troops The Means to Win The War Is "Absolutely Unconscionable"

(Via Contentions):

"You know, I think it is absolutely unconscionable that we are a nation at war and that the president of the United States simultaneously is denying our troops on the ground in Afghanistan the resources that they need to prevail to win that war while he ushers terrorists onto the homeland.

He’s going to put these terrorists in a courthouse that is six blocks from where over 2,000 Americans were killed on the worst attack in history on the American homeland.

He’s going to give them a public platform where they can spew venom, where they can preach jihad, where they can reach out and recruit other terrorists. And it is totally unnecessary.

When the attorney general says that he’s bringing them to justice, he’s ignoring the fact that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed asked 11 months ago to be executed for Allah. He asked to plead guilty and be executed. We should have said, “All right, you’ve got it.”

Instead, we’re bringing him and his cohorts to America. We’re giving them the constitutional rights of American citizens. And the attorney general throughout the day on Friday talked about this as a crime."

It's getting harder to believe that this trial isn't going to be all about the Bush Administration.

Exit question: How can we hold the Obama administration accountable for this monumentally ill-advised decision - before KSM is given a platform to disseminate and potentially act upon ever more hatred and violence?

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