Monday, November 2, 2009

Legacy Media: Democrat Victory Good, Republican Victory Bad

Peter Wehner takes notice of the legacy media's different treatment of Democrat versus Republican electoral victories:

"I’ve noticed something in our political commentary that I suspect I’m not alone in. When Democrats and liberals making sweeping electoral gains, it’s based on “hope” and “change,” on “civic engagement” and reversing a “culture of corruption.” It’s all very positive, upbeat, and high-minded. They want to build up the village. But when Republicans and conservatives make sweeping gains, or appear to be on the cusp of them, it’s based on negative, downbeat, and low-minded sentiments. They want to burn down the village."

If I were a liberal, comfortably ensconced in my little world of left-wing media, I might also believe that Republican victories are inherently a bad thing - fueled by anger and hate.  Trouble is, I actually read and think - unlike many of those on the left.  The legacy media is corrupt and is deservedly dying.

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