Saturday, November 21, 2009

Has "Critical Mass" Already Been Reached?

I previously touched upon the notion that "critical mass" against Obama's governing style may soon be reached (here).  Now, Jennifer Rubin weighs in here in her usual, thoughtful way:

"Plainly, Obama’s poll numbers have hit the skids, as poll after poll registers new lows in approval and new highs in disapproval. More independents now disapprove than approve of his performance. And more voters disapprove of his handling of specific issues such as health care. So what happened, and why now?

Well, it has been a long slide down for Obama; this didn’t all happen in one week or one month. But it is hard to escape the conclusion that something has crystallized over the last few weeks. Perhaps it was the two gubernatorial elections, confirming quiet dissension and suggesting that, yes, things really aren’t going in the right direction. Maybe the plethora of foreign policy debacles — the Middle East, the abject failure at engaging Iran, the dithering on Afghanistan, bowing before yet another monarch — have caught up and shaken Americans. And then there is the mega-error, the decision to try KSM in federal court, which has proved overwhelmingly unpopular. Over on the domestic side, unemployment, the failed stimulus, and the mound of debt suggest that the Obama team frankly hasn’t a clue about how to restore fiscal sanity and growth. There too a crowning insult is in the works — a monstrous health-care bill most voters don’t want.

There is a point at which voters simply stop believing the president and move on. (For George W. Bush that moment was Katrina.)"

No wonder his poll numbers are falling so quickly.  Obama may well recover before 2012 (and no, I don't believe Obama's off-handed comment that he may choose not to run for re-election if his poll numbers are "in the tank"), but it is getting less likely that the Congressional Democrats will recover in time for 2010.  Hence the rush to enact healthcare "reform."

Be sure to read it all.

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