Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gitmo Fail: Closing By January, 2010? - No. Would You Believe January 2013?

Chalk up another tossed Obama promise::

"President Obama directly acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay will not close by the January deadline he set, but he said he hoped to still achieve that goal sometime next year.

Obama refused, however, to set a new deadline."

This is one campaign promise I am glad that Obama has failed to keep.  Setting an artificial deadline was a dumb idea in the first place - meant only to show that he was the "anti-Bush."   Even though it makes him look a bit foolish, I'm also glad that Obama has refused to set another deadline.  No sense providing a benchmark that will likely also fail.

I think that a critical mass of anti-Obama sentiment - among independents anyway, and maybe a good deal of Democrats - has just about been reached - given his failure to close Gitmo, the Fort Hood terrorist attack, the wrong-headed KSM trial decision, and the $1 trillion of wasted "stimulus" money.  We shall soon see.

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