Monday, November 30, 2009

The Dangers of Naivete

Max Boot has lot to say on where Obama's failing diplomacy has taken us with Iran.  His analysis is sobering :

"Iran has announced plans to build 10 more uranium-enrichment facilities. I want to stress how humiliating this news is, or should be, for the Obama administration, indeed for the entire Democratic party’s foreign-policy establishment. For years the Democrats’ wise men and wise women were bitterly critical of the Bush administration’s alleged failure to reach out to Iran, even though in the second term there was actually quite a bit of outreach, with U.S. representatives meeting with Iranian officials in Geneva and Baghdad. But never mind. The Democratic establishment somehow talked itself into believing that the real problem was American enmity toward Iran. If only the U.S. would reach out some more, they suggested, Iran would surely give up or at least suspend its nuclear ambitions.

Barack Obama’s genius during the campaign was to take the most extreme version of this position, with his promise to meet personally with the leaders of Iran and other anti-American dictatorships during his first year in office — another campaign pledge that, mercifully, appears unlikely to be fulfilled. Hillary Clinton, back when she was a presidential candidate, criticized Obama correctly for his naivet√©, but she too put her faith in diplomacy with Iran. Now after almost a year in office we see where Obama’s outreach has gotten us: nowhere.

Actually that’s not quite accurate. The administration has made an impact: if the latest pronouncements from Tehran are to be believed, Obama’s policies are making the problem worse, not better, because they are leading to an expansion of the Iranian nuclear program.

In sum: through his determination to avoid a conflict with Iran, Obama is making war more likely."

Obama's recipe: Mix amateurish leadership with naive foreign policy and a refusal to recognize that the US has always been a force for good in the world - what could have gone wrong?

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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