Friday, November 13, 2009

A "Criminal" 9/11 Trial In NYC Is Outrageous, Dangerous, Unnecessary, Naive, Upsetting, Strange And Just Plain Stupid . . .

 . . . but if they have to conduct one, I suggest it be held in Washington, DC:

"The Obama administration will send five of the 9/11 plotters to New York City to face a criminal trial for their part in the terrorist attacks that killed almost 3,000 people. Among the terrorists to be tried is mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, perhaps the most notorious detainee currently at Guantanamo Bay. The decision will raise questions about security — and what Obama is prepared to do if prosecutors fumble the case."

If they fumble the case? These Keystone Cops have already proven that their incompetence is surpassed only by they naivete.

This is a disaster waiting to happen:

"What do we get from having the 9/11 plotters tried in criminal court in New York City?  Well, we get to have the city painted as a big, bright target for terrorist action during the entirety of the trial.  Thanks to press coverage, which should be an order of magnitude more obsessive than the OJ Simpson trial in LA fourteen years ago, jihadists will come out of the woodwork to make a big international splash, or more likely a boom.  We also give KSM and his cohorts a big, juicy media platform for their bile.  That was one of their motivations for conducting the attack in the first place, and we finally get to deliver it to them."

Surely there must be someone in this White House with at least half a brain. Or am I too optimistic?

This decision is just plain stupid.  But I'm just getting warmed up.  More reaction to follow.

Read it all here.

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