Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Continuing Delusion of Global Warming (UPDATE)

While the world begins to weigh the impact of the global warming e-mail scandal, some two dozen scientists continue to push the envelop, oblivious to the fact that all has now changed:

"Two dozen scientists issued a report Tuesday arguing that the effects of man-made global warming have intensified in recent years, as controversy has ratcheted up over whether the views of scientists who disagree have been squelched over the past decade. The 60-page report, prepared by many scientists who helped write a 2007 United Nations study that blamed humans for rising global temperatures, seeks to spur policy makers at the big climate summit in Copenhagen next month to take aggressive action to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.

"Science has not stood still, and it is quite clear scientifically that we cannot continue to procrastinate."  Read it all here.

These scientists can apparently delude themselves fairly easily.  The evidence of global warming appears to have been exaggerated at best, falsified at worst. Maybe further study and careful deliberations are called for.  Here's a thought - let's give all of the evidence of climate change to Obama and tell him that it will impact upon our Afghanistan war policy.  That should slow things down a bit . . .

UPDATE: "An hilariously bizarre situation is happening in the wake of the growing Climategate scandal.  Many of the mainstream media stories about global warming are simply pretending it doesn't exist. Perhaps they feel that by ignoring Climategate entirely that it will just go away. Unfortunately for them, the readers of these global warming stories keep bringing up the inconvenient truth of Climategate by mentioning the scandal in the comments section over and over and over again."  More here.

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