Sunday, October 18, 2009

This May Be The ONLY Time I Praise Maureen Dowd. Enjoy!

No doubt that you could figure out from my postings to date that positive references to Maureen Dowd will rarely grace these pages.  But her column today on Obama's so-called "Strategic Reassurance" makes some interesting points.  I am compelled to tip my hat to her.  Among them:

"Dissing the Dalai was part of a broader new Obama policy called “strategic reassurance” — softening criticism of China’s human rights record and financial policies to calm its fears that America is trying to contain it. (Not to mention our own fears that the Chinese will quit bankrolling our debt.)

The tyro American president got the Nobel for the mere anticipation that he would provide bold moral leadership for the world at the very moment he was caving to Chinese dictators. Awkward."

Yes, Maureen, that sure was awkward - not to mention calculating, cowardly, and outright capitulation.  But I digress.

Dowd's ending question is both thought-provoking and the key to understanding Obama's foreign policy:

"F.D.R. asked to be judged by the enemies he had made. But what of a president who strives to keep everyone in some vague middle ground of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, without ever offending anyone?"

My question: doesn't that ultimately make it all about "him"?  I can't truthfully say that I am shocked by that revelation.

Read it all here.

Ok, so here goes (this may be the only time you will ever hear it coming from this blog): "Heckuva job there, Dowdie."  (Oh, and yes, I do mean that in a good way.)

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