Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rush to Judgment. And a 30-day Challenge

The only people I have ever heard criticize Rush Limbaugh - both from the left and from the right - are those who have not listened to him for more than a few seconds or a few soundbites. He is a highly informed, top-notch entertainer and political commentator. But I will let him speak for himself (via Althouse):

"One thing I do that you won't find anywhere else in the media: I combine satire with serious commentary. I'm going to go back and forth within a moment's notice." Indeed.

So this really rubs me the wrong way.

Here's the challenge: listen to the man for 30 days straight, 3 hours a day. At the end of that time, you still may not agree with him, but I would bet that you will no longer be able to dismiss him. And you certainly will not find him either boring or inflammatory. He's been number 1 for so many years for a reason.

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