Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rangel Wrangle

So why has Pelosi not yet gotten rid of Rangel when she pledged to clean-up, in her own words, "the swamp" that is Congress?  Michael Barone has some thoughts here.  In sum, as horrible as Rangel is, the other choices may even be worse:

"Put yourself in Pelosi’s shoes and you can see that there’s no win-win choice she can make in replacing Rangel. Anything she does will make many House Democrats mad, and some of the possible replacements could prove embarrassing at election time 2010. From her point of view, it’s better to hope that the ethics committee investigation of Rangel can take up most of the time between now and November 2010, and that Rangel might make things easier on everyone by announcing he’s not seeking reelection after 40 years of service in the House."

Perhaps the voters can remedy the situation in 2010 by taking away Pelosi's Speakership.

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