Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marty Peretz Smells The Coffee

"And, no, Obama hasn’t reset the American relationship with Russia. He was taken for a ride. Maybe his vanity won’t let him admit it. But, believe me, the Russians know they have taken him (and us) for a big ride, indeed. . . . After Obama agreed to cancel the missile defense program for Poland and the Czech Republic, the president got Moscow to give him an inch. Maybe, they said, we’d have to move on tougher measures against Iran if Tehran doesn’t satisfy us on its nukes. “Hallelujah!” said the president and his entourage. All of this good cheer is now over."

And this from Jennifer Rubin:

"Hillary proclaims herself to be delighted by the new relationship. But this is a one-sided, dysfunctional relationship if there ever was one. One side does precisely what it wants, and the other makes excuses. (Does this remind you of . . . no, let’s keep on topic here.) At some point, even the most devoted fans must begin to ask why the Obami keep giving stuff away without getting anything back. And why do they seem so happy to be doing it?"

Read it all here.

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