Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liz Cheney . . . Again

Keep on keeping on . . .
"In less than 12 hours, Liz Cheney has reduced her liberal critics to near tears. Michelle Cottle whines:
I hope the libs, moderates, and journalists who find themselves face-to-face with Liz in the coming months won’t be tempted to let her off easy just because she’s a sweet looking blonde chick out there defending dear ol’ dad. . . . Liz Cheney is a particularly dangerous combination of sweet-as-sugar looks and savage instincts. Going at her as roughly and directly as she does her opponents could backfire. But cutting her any slack–or sitting by as media types coo, gurgle, and make patronizing goo-goo eyes at her–is a good way to wind up stuck in the undercarriage of her SUV.
Conservatives can only dream of coverage that good. And yes, Cottle is probably right that Cheney is “just getting warmed up.” (Well, it didn’t hurt to roll out her organization on the day Hillary declares herself bound at the hip with Russia in disdain for sanctions on Iran.)"

Read it all here.

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