Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dunn is Done

The incomparable Professor, Victor Davis Hanson explains it all:

"I am not a big fan of saying that officials should resign for stupid remarks. But interim White House communications director Anita Dunn's praise of Mao Zedong as a "political philosopher" is so unhinged and morally repugnant, that she should hang it up, pronto.

Mao killed anywhere from 50 million to 70 million innocents in the initial cleansing of Nationalists, the scouring of the countryside, the failed Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, Tibet, and the internal Chinese gulag. Dunn's praise of a genocidal monster was no inadvertent slip: She was reading from a written text and went into great detail to give the full context of the remark. Moreover, her comments were not some student outburst from 30 years ago; they were delivered on June 5, 2009. Her praise of Mao's insight and courage in defeating the Nationalists was offered long after the full extent of Mao's mass-murdering had been well documented. Mao killed more people than any other single mass killer in the history of civilization."

Read it all here.

As others have already said, imagine the outcry if a Republican spokesperson even hinted at the fact that they admired Hitler's "political philosophy."  The legacy media is too lame, lazy or stupid to recognize that Mao and Hitler are equivalent - they were both genocidal, mass-murdering monsters.  There is nothing to admire in the "philosophy" of either.  Anyone who believes otherwise simply has no business serving the American people in the White House. VDH concurs.  Dunn is done.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn weighs in here with a compare and contrast: Rush vs. Dunn.  Who's more divisive?:

"So if I understand correctly:

Rush Limbaugh is so “divisive” that to get him fired leftie agitators have to invent racist soundbites to put in his mouth. But the White House communications director is so un-divisive that she can be invited along to recommend Chairman Mao as a role model for America’s young."


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