Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoffman Rising? More On NY's 23 CD Race

Doug Hoffman may just pull this off:

"The momentum away from Scozzafava and towards Hoffman was further underlined by the release of a poll Monday that had the Conservative ahead. The poll -- paid for by the pro-Hoffman Club for Growth, so view the numbers with some skepticism -- had Hoffman at 31 percent, Democratic nominee Bill Owens at 27, and Scozzafava at 20."

Read it all here.

Exit questions: what's the backlash to both the GOP - which didn't have a clue when it nominated Scozzafava  - and to Obama's health-care agenda?  And does Sarah Palin benefit from her early endorsement of Hoffman?  Does Gingrich crash and burn from his stubborn defense of the GOP candidate?  We will know one week from tonight.

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